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The Multnomah Neighborhood Association is a formalized group of neighborhood volunteers working to improve the the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Map of the Multnomah Neighborhood

Multnomah Neighborhood Association (MNA)
Objection to Task 5

On August 7th, the City of Portland submitted Task 5 of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan to the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD).

On August 25th, MNA submitted an objection to the Plan’s Early Implementation Task 5. If found valid, the objection basically would maintain the historic character of the village by changing the CM2 zoning to CM1. The measurement of height would be done on the lowest frontage street. The document is posted below.

Also, the City submitted the record for Task 4 a few months ago. They waived the 120-day time limit for review and to be done with Task 5 when submitted.  MNA recently wrote a letter to DCLD director Jim Rue and the commissioners to inquire about this waiver and request that DCLD proceed with review of MNA's three objections.  To date, DLCD has not provided any information to the MNA beyond an acknowledgement of receipt. The letter is posted below.

Task 5 Objection to CM2 Zoning MNA (PDF)

DLCD Delay in Response to Task 4 and 5 Objections (PDF)



Formal objections to the Comprehensive Plan Filed


Last week, the Multnomah Neighborhood Association filed three objections to parts of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and its related Task 4. The objections were at the direction of the membership by several votes on each stage of the process—the documents at the link below speak for themselves. Two of the objections—on the “middle housing” policy and its process, or lack thereof, and on the designation of Multnomah as a Center—were filed on our behalf by Fodor & Associates, Eugene planning consultants, and reviewed by an attorney.  The third objection—on Chapter 2, Citizen Involvement, was filed on our behalf by past president Carol McCarthy who was president during the Comp Plan process and rigorously pursued this issue, but to little avail.

  1. Objection to Middle Housing Policy 5.6 in the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan Update

  2. Objection to the Designation of the Multnomah Neighborhood as a Center in the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan Update

  3. Objections to Chapter 2 in the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan Update


Materials for saving trees


Residential Infill

Comment on the October 2016 Residential Infill Project (RIP) Concept Report


Residential Infill Density Map

Multiplexes can go on any lot that is yellow, no matter what it is zoned, without requiring parking.

Infill Map


Sears Armory

The Mayor held a public meeting on the temporary shelter on February 16th, at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium. 


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President: Martie Sucec,
Secretary: Katherine Christensen
Land Use Chair: Houston Markley
SWNI Board Representative: Martie Sucec

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