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Multnomah Neighborhood Association

The Multnomah Neighborhood Association is a formalized group of neighborhood volunteers working to improve the the quality of life in our neighborhood.

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Sears Armory

The Mayor is holding a public meeting on the temporary shelter on February 16th, 7-8:30 pm, at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium.  He will provide an update and answer questions from the audience.

  • Click here for the City Press Release (November 10, 2015) (pdf).

  • Click here for Questions residents posed at November 10, 2015 MNA meeting (and after)   (pdf).

  • Click here for Transition Projects Answers to Questions shared by MNA Chair in her December 8, 2015 Report (pdf).

  • Click here for Temporary Sears Shelter Donations and Volunteer Opportunites (pdf.)

  • Click here for the Emergency Ordinance:

  • Click here for the Quitclaim Deed (pdf).



Membership Meetings

Multnomah Neighborhood Association meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, 7 pm at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy.

Contact: Carol McCarthy, 


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President: Carol McCarthy,
Secretary: Katherine Christensen
Land Use Chair: Jim Peterson
SWNI Baord Representative: Martie Sucec


Mailing Address:
Multnomah Neighborhood Association
c/o Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
7688 SW Capitol Hwy.
Portland, OR 97219


More about the Multnomah Neighborhood Association on the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement website:


Sears Shelter

Sears Shelter - Volunteer & Donation Opportunities 11.23.15.pdf

Sears Building FAQ_Nov10 (1).pdf

Multnomah_Sears-More FAQs_Nov13.pdf

Chair Report Q&A Sears Temp. Shelter 12-8-15.pdf

Quitclaim Deed.pdf


Comprehensive Plan Letter Templates

Commercial Storefront (CS) zoning (.docx)

Neighborhood Center to Neighborhood Corridor (.docx)

Truth In Zoning (.docx)


MNA_BYLAWS_WorkingCopy - FINAL DRAFT-1(1).pdf

MNA_BYLAWS_WorkingCopy - FINAL DRAFT-1(1).doc


MNA minutes Jan 2016-not approved.doc

2016-01-19 Letter RE: Amendments to Portland's Tree Code

MNA Board minutes Feb 2016-unapproved.pdf

2016-02-09 Meeting Minutes



MNA Minutes 2015-01-13.pdf

MNA Minutes 2015-03-10.pdf

MNA Agenda 2015-04-14.pdf

MNA Agenda 2015-05-12.pdf

MNA Minutes 2015-05-12.pdf

MNA Agenda 2015-08-11.docx

MNA Action Plan Adopted 2015-08-11.pdf

2015-08-11 zoning letter from Mayor Hales

To Mayor Hales 8-26 Letter Re Mulnomah Village Devleopment.pdf



MNA Agenda 2015-09-08.docx


MNA 2015-10-13.doc

MNA Minutes Nov 2015.doc

MNA minutes Dec 2015.doc

2015-12 MNA Study Guide Fiscal Sponsorship Application



MNA WPA Fiscal Sponsorship Application II Final 1-22-14