The Homestead Neighborhood Association meets the first Tuesday of the month (excepting August) at 7 pm at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, 707 SW Gaines (SW 6th Ave Dr. and Gaines St.), Third Floor. Parking is available.  View agendas and meeting minutes on the Archives page.

The Homestead Neighborhood Association will meet Tuesday, February 4, at 7 pm at 707 SW Gaines, 3rd Floor. 

Agenda topics include 

  • Discussion of Area Permit Parking Program

This discussion will include possible changes to the program that are hoped to improve parking in the Homestead area (particularly in the area near OHSU).  Parking permits are issued to residents by the COP Parking Division.  But the parking rules are developed by the Parking Committee of Homestead NA.  City staff will attend this meeting.  

  • Neighborhood Developers will attend our meeting to discuss proposed developments in our area.


Is parking a problem in your area? Is it getting worse? 

As a result of the recent large developments in the Homestead area, many not required to provide off-street parking, it is inevitable that parking difficulties will get worse. The neighborhood association is looking to review the regulations found in the Area Permit Parking Program (APPP) to possibly ease parking issues. For example, under current regulations, a proposed 100+ room hotel with limited off-street parking might be able to obtain guest and employee business parking permits that would exceed the number of on-street parking spaces available.

The Homestead area contains three parking zones within its boundaries. Zone C is in the upper homestead area encompassing OHSU up to Fairmont. Zone D is a small zone that encompasses 6th Avenue Drive down to Terwilliger Boulevard, and Zone E is below Terwilliger down to Barbur Boulevard. Most of the parking difficulties occur in the upper homestead area in parking Zone C where on-street parking is limited.


The Homestead APPP Committee has met to discuss possible changes with the intent of improving parking availability, increasing enforcement and considering changes for future implementation that might decrease the effect of development on current resident parking. Considerations are:

  1. Limit the number of business permits issued
  2. Reduce allowed Visitor Parking time on signs to one hour in Zone C (with the intent of improving enforcement)
  3. Consider replacing guest permits with daily "scratch-off" permits
  4. Reviewing possible changes in specific zones where undeveloped commercial or densely zoned properties (with little or no off-street parking requirements) will exacerbate parking issues in the future


We want to hear from you!

  Do you have comments or other ideas?

What are your views on parking in the homestead area?

Contact us at





The Homestead Neighborhood Association July 16 Letter to City regarding OHSU Expansion Parking Review


Homestead Neighborhood Association sends letter requesting additions to to OHSU Traffic Impact Scoping Documents related to the hospital expansion.



January 18, 2019 Homestead NA Requests that Park Bureau Delay Reviews or Actions on OHSU's "Safe and Accessible Pathway" (Gateway) Project until the Marquam Hill Connector Location has been decided.




NET News

The Homestead Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) held an organizational meeting on November 10th.  If you are interested in being part of this team, send an email to

If you are interested in training to be a part of the Homestead NET, visit the PBEM NET page: .  You will be able to read all about the training, dates available and how to sign up.  There are several residents trained by PBEM (Portland Bureau of Emergency Management), but more members will be needed.

NET REPORT May 6, 2019





The Marquam Hill Connector  project is one of the components of the larger SW Corridor Plan.  The plan proposes a mechanized pedestrian and bicycle connection between a proposed light rail station in Lair Hill near SW Gibbs Street and the Marquam Hill medical campuses.  The Homestead Neighborhood Association Board endorses Barbur Boulevard versus Naito as the alignment for this project.

SW Corridor Full Report

Marquam Hill Connection Options

To review maps that illustrate the decision

The 2013 Southwest Corridor Plan Shared investment Strategies








Proposed Trails on un-built Rights of Way

Aaron Clemons, Trails Committee Chair, prepared some excellent maps of some potential trail connectors.  These will involve further discussion.  The suggested trails are

Whitaker unbuilt ROW
Whitaker ROW

Photo by Aaron Clemons

Whitaker ROW:  Multiple sections that lead from Barbur up to Terwilliger through and beyond OHSU Campus.

Curry Trail:  Part of the segment between Veterans Hospital Road and 10th.  Other possible Curry segments are 11th to 12th and 13th to Marquam Hill Road.

 Improve the “demand trail” in existence from the end of Bancroft up to Terwilliger to meet at the stairs on the west side.

Possibly building a trail on the easterly side of the guardrail going up Condor Lane up to Terwilliger.

Condor to Eagle Point Park via Lowell

Nominations are still being taken.  If you would like to suggest an unbuilt R.O.W. for a trail, would like to provide information to this group, or are interested in joining, contact us at  For nominations, please be as specific as possible concerning the location of the unbuilt R.O.W. and feel free to indicate any additional information that might help convey your ideas.