Board Handbook



Agreement with City of Portland 

Grant Reports to Civic Life


Committee Action Plans



SWNI Board' Year at a Glance

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. is obligated to submit an annual plan to the City of Portland identifying actions that will be implemented to fulfill deliverable requirements in the following areas:

  • outreach and communication
  • organizational support
  • advocacy support
  • training and skill building
  • participation in ONI programs
  • neighborhood small grants program
  • maintain accessible office in the community
  • document management

Refer to grant agreement for more details regarding the deliverables in each category.


Financial Controls Policies and Procedures for Small Nonprofit Organizations (From Cindy Cumfer's website). Download the docx version.

Application forms and instructions for Fiscal Sponsorship and Fiscal Administration are located above, under Governance.


IRS Reporting



  • Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Resources for neighborhood associations
  • Resources on the Oregon Department of Justice nonprofit resources website:
    • Guide to Nonprofit Board Service in Oregon
    • 20 Questions that Directors Should be Asking
  • Nonprofit VOTE website contains resources on:
    • 501(c)(3) permissible activities
    • Nonprofits and ballot measures
  • City of Portland
    • City of Portland code, Chapter 3.96 Office of Neighborhood Involvement and specifically, 3.96.040 Functions of District Coalitions:
      A District Coalition shall:
      1. Provide training and orientation, information and support services to Neighborhood Associations within the areas of Neighborhood Associations served;
      2. Facilitate communication between people and government;
      3. Promote public participation within the areas of Neighborhoods served on issues of livability, safety and public policy;
      4. Promote, encourage and support the participation of members of diverse communities within the areas of Neighborhoods served;
      5. Administer contracts or memorandums of understanding and operate the District Coalition in accordance with the adopted Standards; and
      6. Abide by the Standards established by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.
    • Information on ONI Standards, City Code 3.96
    • Standards for Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, Business District Associations, And the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Adopted by Resolution 36329 by Portland City Council on July 13, 2005