Members of the Board

The Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Board consists of 32 Directors:

  • 5 elected Officers
  • 17 ex-officio Neighborhood Association representatives
  •  7 appointed Commitee Chairs
  • 3 ex-officio Business Associations representatives

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Elected Officers:

Officers are elected to serve a one-year term, beginning June 1. A description of officer duties is included in the organization's bylaws, located in the Board Handbook.

Title Name
President Leslie Hammond,
1st Vice President Steve Mullinax
2nd Vice President Sam Pearson
Treasurer Teddy Okonokhua,
Secretary Janet Hawkins,


Neighborhood Association Delegates

Neighborhood Association Delegates are ex-officio, identified by their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Association Name of Delegate
Arnold Creek Kathryn Daly
Ashcreek Bruce Koester
Bridlemile Becky Lilliquist
Collins View Fran Laird
Crestwood Tony Hansen
Marianne Fitzgerald (Alternate)
Far Southwest George Vranas
Hayhurst Kendall KIC
Hillsdale Tatiana Lifshitz
Homestead Jackie Phillips
Maplewood (open)
Markham Eric Levake
Marshall Park Mike Charles
Multnomah Maria Thi Mai
South Burlingame Shannon Hiller-Webb
Robert Lennox (Alternate)
South Portland Anna Friedhoff
Southwest Hills Charlie Van Rossen
West Portland Park Debbie Hall


Committee Chairs

Committee chairs are appointed by the SWNI Board president.

Committee Name Name of Chair
Equity and Inclusion Diane Victoria,
Land Use Gary Runde,
Parks and Community Centers Mike Linman,
Public Safety Kim Silverman,
Schools Patty McMahon,
Transportation Katherine Christensen,
Watershed Murphy Terrel,


Business Association Delegates

Business Association Delegates are ex-officio, identified by their association.

Business Association Name of Delegate
Hillsdale Business and Professional Association Don Baack
Multnomah Business Association (open)
South Portland Business Association (open)