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Southwest Hills Residential League (SWHRL)

c/o Southwest Neighborhoods Inc.

7688 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland, OR 97219

SWHRL General Membership Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of January, May, and October, 6:30-8:30pm at Ainsworth School. Annual Board elections are held at the May meeting. SWHRL Board meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the other months, 7-8:30pm at Ascension Chapel.
Act locally! As always, the invitation stands for you to join the Board (space for 6 more), any committee (land use, transportation, public safety, schools), volunteer to help with communications (website, newsletter, maintaining email & membership lists), as historian – whatever your skill and interest. Help us assess issues that affect us and advocate for our neighborhood priorities.

Quarterly Member Neighborhood Meeting

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 - 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Ainsworth Elementary School Auditorium

2425 SW Vista Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Contact SWHRL:

6:30 pm           

Introduction & Call to Order

Approve Agenda (Vote)

Approve January 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes (vote)
Treasurer’s report update (Kim Silverman)



SWHRL Elections - We welcome new volunteers!

Open Board seats (5) and open officer positions: President(s), Secretary

Board slate: John Neumann (Vice President), Kim Silverman (Treasurer), Nancy Seton, Chris Kopca, Bill Failing, Scott Young, Lisa Caballero, Melanie Billings-Yun, Craig Koon, Roger Brown


Tangent Village (Nancy Seton, Lisa Caballero, Chris Kopca) An update on LU 18-119056 - A new development adjacent to 1315 SW Broadway Dr.


Transportation Update (Lisa Caballero) An update on PedPDX and SWIM.


Protecting Vista Bridge Views (Bill Failing) Update on the Vista Bridge fence.


Public Safety (Kim Silverman) Public safety update


Zoo Concerts (Lisa Caballero)



Southwest Hills Residential League (SWHRL)

YEAR IN REVIEW May 2018-May 2019




Membership/Neighborhood Meetings: January, May, October, August Picnic

Public safety/crime: Hosted speaker from Multnomah Co. DA’s office

Transportation/traffic safety: hosted City & County Transportation planners


Monthly Board Meetings and some emergency Board meetings on land use issues


LAND USE: Responses to Land Use proposals


“Tangent Village” Proposal for 20-unit subdivision on SW Broadway (ongoing testimony)


Stroheckers decision after SWHRL & neighbor testimony before City Council


Responded to other proposals, e.g. Greenleaf, St. Thomas More expansion


Monitoring Short-Term Rental Permits and Demolition/Deconstruction Request

PUBLIC SAFETY: (Kim Silverman, Chair)


Monitoring illegal camp activity, coordinating with law enforcement & Neighborhood Watches


Kim active on SWNI Public Safety Committee and advisory committee to City on crime


Advocating for funding for law enforcement resources for accountability for crimes

TRANSPORTATION: (Lisa Caballero, Lead) Transportation Committee worked on:


SWIM (Southwest in Motion) project for ped/bike safety - ongoing advocacy


Restoring/rerouting interrupted connection on SW Vista to Mill Street Terrace trail w/steps


Designation of part of upper SW Montgomery as Neighborhood Greenway


Broadway Task Force advocating for continuous safe walking shoulder


Ainsworth Annex crosswalk safety advocacy


Talbot/Greenway/Patton intersection safety planning


Problem solving: congestion at Patton/Humphrey/Dosch


Old Orchard Trail proposed improvements - contacted neighbors to strategize


Lobbied and will continue to lobby Trimet for improved bus service (combine 51 and 39 lines as outlined in SW Enhancement Plan)




Bill Failing advocating for Vista Bridge fence alternative (a net)


Zoo concert noise

Requested Parks Bureau to expand parking lot at Portland Heights Park (slim chance in view of budget)



SWHRL’s January 2019 General Meeting was very well attended. The agenda included:

Nick Falbo, a Senior Transportation Planner at Portland Bureau of Transportation, update on the Southwest in Motion. Southwest In Motion (SWIM) is a short-term refinement, prioritization and implementation strategy for planned active transportation investments in Southwest Portland.

Here is the draft project list.


Kate McQuillan, Transportation Planner, and Mike Pullen, Communications Coordinator, from Multnomah County talked about the County's Road Capital Improvement Plan, which includes Scholl's Ferry improvements, and speed bumps on SW Shattuck Road.


Ayano Healy, a program coordinator representing Oregon Department of Transportation, outlined upcoming construction work on Interstate 405 and surrounding highways.


The SWHRL transportation group continues to broadly advocate for transportation improvements, both for our immediate neighborhood, but also for the inner southwest neighborhoods in general. 


We have been persistently lobbying TriMet for increased bus service and are frustrated that last Fall's “largest-ever, single service expansion in TriMet history” excluded improved bus service for the inner southwest neighborhoods. Without weekend, evening, or mid-day service, our area, bounded by Hwy 26, Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Scholls Ferry and Portland Heights, is a public transportation desert most of the time.


We recently supported pedestrian improvements for Scholls Ferry, a possible Multnomah County Roads Capital Improvement Project, and hope that TriMet will follow through with a Scholls Ferry bus line, should the County eventually build sidewalks. (TriMet feels that the road’s current lack of pedestrian facilities renders Scholls Ferry unsafe for bus stops.)


SWHRL membership has been very active in the Southwest in Motion (SWIM) process. Neighbors responded to the online survey, attended the SWIM Open House and we had the best attendance ever at our recent transportation-focused General Membership Meeting. PBOT’s SWIM coordinator Nick Falbo spoke, as well as Kate McQuillan and Mike Pullen from Multnomah County, and Ayano Healy from ODOT.


We believe this neighborhood engagement has helped SWHRL successfully advocate for our pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure needs, and we were quite happy to learn that SW Broadway Dr and Upper Fairmount Blvd have recently been added to the Tier II SWIM project list.


This past month, a few SWHRL Board Members and neighbors started an informal group to advocate for SW Broadway Drive. The group’s immediate goal is to work with PBOT to devise a pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure plan that is specific to Broadway Drive, and which would provide a roadmap for implementing pedestrian and bicycle facilities concurrent with new development and engineering projects.


At SWHRL, there is a lot of excitement and momentum around transportation issues right now, and we would love to include you in the fun. If you are tired of complaining and want to find out what is going on and what you can do to help, please contact us:

    Public Safety/Crime

    The City of Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life, Crime Prevention Program is introducing a team-based model to better serve the needs of community and evolve the program into a more efficient way of providing services, resources, and trainings. In October 2018, City of Portland Crime Prevention Program will be transitioning from the current model in which one Crime Prevention Coordinator is assigned to serve a number of neighborhoods. The new team model will be made up of 3 teams of 3-4 coordinators per team (North, Central, and East). The neighborhoods served by each team will correspond to the current Portland Police Bureau Boundary Lines (North Precinct, Central Precinct, and East Precinct.)


    SWHRL is in the Central Precinct:

    Central Team: Mark Wells, Sofia Chavier, Sarah Berkemeier



    One Point of Contact-Use PDX reporter to report campsites & other issues provides an important way to interact with the city concerning problems or issues with publicly maintained infrastructure. The site allows you to report illegal campsites, potholes, park maintenance, clogged street drains, and other safety concerns. 


    Reporting illegal campsites allows the city to track and prioritize sites that need to be cleared.

    There is also a dedicated site for reporting campsites, where you can provide more detailed information: 


    In addition to reporting crime incidents to the police, neighbors could send crime photos with descriptions of incidents to SWHRL/Public Safety for monitoring and/or posting: or


    Tips and Resources:

    • The City's Crime Prevention Program provides education, training, problem solving, and community organizing, including Neighborhood Watch training (with Mark Wells).
    • Report campsite-related problems using You create an individual account on the site to report what you are experiencing.
    • For most impact each neighbor should report what they experience each time, even as other neighbors report the same crime/incident.
    • If life or property are in immediate danger, or a crime is in progress, call 911.
    • If you see a dangerous open fire, e.g. in relation to a homeless camp, report it as a public safety issue, not as a 'homeless' issue. Mention a fire, not a homeless camp.
    • Note: 911 is very short-staffed (12 hour shifts with 2 hours of mandatory overtime). Lobby City Council for more funding to reduce wait times.
    • To report crimes no longer in progress, call the non-emergency line (503) 823-3333 and dial "0" immediately.
    • To report a suspected drug house: 503-823-DRUG
    • SWHRL is part of the police Central Precinct, which has 15-20 officers. 503-823-4181
    • For issues on ODOT property call 1-888-Ask-ODOT or 1-888-275-6368 x4 or go to

    Start a Neighborhood Watch:                 

    Contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Wells at 503-823-2781 or

    SWHRL "Invasives to Natives" Restoration Project to Beautify Corner at SW Vista Ave. at SW Spring Streets
    Volunteers Needed!

    We’ve been made great progress removing invasive, non-native species from the City’s right of way at the corner of SW Vista and Spring Street. With the help of dedicated volunteers, we've weeded, added a seating area with boulders, and paths (courtesy of Boy Scouts).  There will be ongoing weeding and replanting with native and hardy plants. We're exploring ideas to add a little public art - a book kiosk/little free lending library and ceramic art from Ainsworth students. Any ideas?

    Please join future work parties! Contact SWHRL: or Nancy Seton at 503-224-3840 to get on the email notification list. All ages - students, parents, Boy/Girl Scouts, and any others welcome. This will be a beautiful spot we can be proud of!

    SWHRL's Year in Review May 2017-18 & Action Plan May 2018-19

    Your SWHRL Neighborhood Association does important work:

    • Monitors plans & decisions from the City, from developers & others that affect livability
    • Advocates for neighborhood interests & priorities
    • Encourages & facilitates neighbors input
    • Informs neighbors of issues/events via SWHRL E-newsletter, website, Facebook,
    • Responds to land use proposals for development, short term rentals, demolitions
    • Deals with traffic issues, trails, ped/cyclist infrastructure & safety
    • Monitors & follows up on crime/public safety*
    • Tracks schools issues & informs neighbors
    • Builds community/organizes events – picnic, movies, neighborhood walks
    • Initiates projects such as the Vista-Spring Restoration, creating a small pocket park
    • Documents neighborhood history

    SWHRL Bylaws

    The new, amended SWHRL Bylaws were adopted on October 18, 2017.  They are now in sync with the city's Bylaws template, with a few tweaks. Bylaws 

    Continuing Need for SWHRL Board Members, Other Volunteers:

    SWHRL can only carry out its mission to look out for the interests of our community if we have help from all corners of the neighborhood. Are you retired, and willing to take on some rewarding activities? Or not retired, but care greatly about the quality of life in your neighborhood? It’s time to let new volunteers to take their turns. Please join the SWHRL Board or any of its committees to make an impact on the future of your neighborhood.

    Please step up now and volunteer for: 

    • The SWHRL Board (at large members representing different areas of the neighborhood)
    • Transportation Committee (especially those with an interest in bike, pedestrian and transit issues):
      • Tracks transportation issues relevant to SWHRL & formulates SWHRL positions & responses;
      • Meets with representatives of other neighborhoods on issues of mutual interest
    • Land Use Committee:
      • Responds to the City’ Land Use notices of proposed development in the neighborhood;
      • Tracks land use issues relevant to SWHRL and formulates SWHRL positions & responses;
      • Crafts SWHRL Neighborhood Plan
      • Meets with representatives of other neighborhoods on issues of mutual interest.
    • Schools Committee
    • Outreach Communications:
    • SWHRL History:
      • Help with documentation and archiving of SWHRL history – oral and written
      • Do you have a family or Portland Heights story to share? Let us know!
    • Reps to SWNI Committees, e.g. Land Use, Transportation, etc.)

    Interested in getting together with neighbors to discuss issues, such as the future of Strohecker's? Schools? Trails? Emergency Preparedness? Let us know your email address so we can contact you.  

    Please attend our general membership meetings to let us know your views and concerns, and even sit in on our monthly SWHRL Board meetings – they are open to the public.

    Sign up for our E-Viewpoints newsletter via our email below or our website: on the main SWHRL web page click on the words “Join Our List.”

    Contact us by email at

    Join Southwest Hills for neighborhood news:

    Join the discussion on what's happening at the Strohecker's site. See announcements for upcoming SWHRL meetings. Find recommendations for contractors, babysitters, piano teachers. Read about missing pets; and the latest coyote sightings. Look for the Southwest Hills Moms Group and women's biking group on social networking site NextDoor. NextDoor is a great way to find out what is happening in our area and connect with neighbors. The more of us who use it, the better tool it becomes.



    Co-Presidents: John Neumann, Nancy Seton, 


    Vice President: Sarah Flanagan


    Secretary: Aesha Lorenz Al-Saeed


    Treasurer: Kim Silverman,


    Other Board Members:

    Lisa Caballero

    Bill Failing

    Chris Kopca

    Scott Young


    Land Use Chair: Nancy Seton 

    Transportation Lead: Lisa Caballero

    Public Safety/Emergency Preparedness: Kim Silverman,

    Communications: Nancy Seton/John Neumann

    Schools: Emilie Bennett


    Newsletter Editor: Nancy Seton

    Representative to SWNI Board: Nancy Seton