Committee Chair Responsibilities

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. committee chairs have the following responsibilities:

Meeting Agendas

  • Prepare meeting agenda. The most important and time-critical issues should be first.
  • Email agenda to committee Google Group and post on committee website 7 days in advance of meeting.

Committee Action Plan

  • Oversee the creation and implementation of an annual committee Action Plan.
  • Submit committee Action Plan to the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. board for approval in July.

SW News Committee Articles

Submit a monthly SW News article to, by the 15th of every month. View the SW News archives for historical committee articles.

Chair Meetings

  • Arrive early to welcome attendees and confirm meeting materials are available;
    • copies of agenda
    • previous meeting minutes for approval
    • sign-in sheet
    • wall signage directing attendees to the room
    • projector or any other equipment needed
  • Begin the meeting at scheduled time.
  • Recognize speakers and direct meeting discussions to follow the agenda. Rules of order ensure decisions are made fairly and the rights of the majority and minorities are protected. The rules you follow should encourage adequate discussion and participation.
  • Ask the person taking minutes to re-state motions before voting.
  • End the meeting on time.

SWNI Board Meetings

Committee chairs are members of the SWNI Board and should attend the monthly meetings prepared to present a committee update to the board. If your committee is making a motion at the SWNI Board meeting, it should be made available for review by board members before the meeting, included with the online meeting materials.