Committee Governance


The board may establish standing and special committees, as it deems necessary. Standing committee chairs are are voting members of the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. board serving 1-year terms from June 1 to May 31.

Committees are formed by and serve the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. board by recommending actions the board should take on a specific issue. The SWNI Board's Executive Committee monitors the membership and progress of all committees as well as their function and relevance.

See Committee Standing Rules policy.

See Standing Committee Roles and Responsibilities policy.

Meetings are open to the public. The chair may recognize non-members to speak and may also establish time limits for speakers.

All committee motions and decisions must be presented verbatim as per committee vote and accepted by the majority vote of the committee in a timely manner to the Board to be amended, rejected or ratified by a majority vote of the Board. If action is needed prior to the next Board meeting, the Committee Chair shall notify the SWNI President of the need for an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee to authorize the Committee’s action. The Executive Committee shall authorize the action, amend the action, or reject the action, and shall so inform the Board at its next meeting.

Any person may serve on a SWNI standing committee. However, only one authorized representative from each Civic Life recognized Neighborhood and Business Association within the boundaries of SWNI is eligible to have his/her vote recorded. The Board may approve additional committee voting members by request from the committee.

The SWNI Board president shall appoint, after consultation with the Executive Committee, and with approval of the Board, a chair and/or vice chair for each committee. The appointment of a vice chair is not mandatory. The Executive Committee may remove, with approval of the Board, any committee chair or vice chair, with or without cause.

Committees are encouraged to support each other’s work and coordinate activities.