Communication Tools for Committees

SW News Newspaper

Space is reserved in the SW News newspaper for committee articles and next meeting announcement.

Committee Website

The coalition website, includes pages for committees. SWNI staff are available to assist with updating content and training committee volunteers to update website content.

Committee Newsletter

Each committee has a self-subscribing email contact list. Committees may designate a volunteer or request staff to send out newsletters for meeting reminders and committee updates. 

Committee Events

SWNI can assist with creation and printing of promotional flyers and event promotion on the front page and calendar, City of Portland online calendar and in the SW News newspaper.

Committee Chair G Suite Accounts

Committee chair email addresses are published in the SW News newspaper and on committee web pages. Email may be forwarded to the committee chair's personal email address or committee chairs may take ownership of the account.

Committee G Suite Groups

SWNI uses G Suite Groups to manage committee member lists and permissions. A single email address is used to send to all committee members. 

Committee G Suite Drive

Committee members can collaborate on documents and view archives in the cloud using the committee's G Suite Drive folder.

G Suite

Committee chairs have access to more G Suite apps, including Calendar, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites and Keep. Learn more at the online G Suite Learning Center. Contact for training.