Event Support for Neighborhood Associations

Event Management

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) helps neighborhood associations manage events. Call the SWNI office to inquire about event support, reserve equipment and supplies and event space at Multnomah Arts Center or other venue options. View the Events page for more information.


Neighborhood events are promoted on the Southwest Neighborhoods and City of Portland online event calendars and the SW News newspaper. Contact the office for assistance with designing and printing graphics for events like handouts, flyers or posters.

Fundraising at Events

SWNI staff can attend your event to process credit card payments. 

National Night Out

National Night Out (NNO) is the first Tuesday in August. Park permits are free for National Night Out parties sponsored by neighborhood associations. NNO parties are registered through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement website.

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. will support neighborhood association National Night Out parties by providing:

  • assistance with designing promotional materials such as flyers and postcards, depending on staff availability.
  • printing of promotional materials. A commercial printing allowance for each neighborhood association is included in the SWNI budget (some years - see budget).
  • mailing services for an all-household neighborhood mailing. A postage allowance for each neighborhood is included in the SWNI budget (some years - see budget).
  • arrangement for printing and delivery of mailing pieces to the downtown Portland bulk mailing center. 
  • promotional space in our all-household July edition of the SW News newspaper.
  • party supplies, by reservation.

Block Parties

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. does not assist with private block parties. Block party permit information is located on the City of Portland website. Block party street closure application forms and instructions can be found on the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation website.

Po;itisit Logo


Politisit is a non-profit that reimburses parents for childcare costs while they attend civic events and meetings. In order to ensure institutions, government entities, and elected officials are serving our communities well, we encourage families to engage in civic meetings and legislative discourse.  

Who is this for? Parents and other caregivers for minors that want to go to a civic event or meeting. We also reimburse groups that provide childcare at meetings.

What kind of activities is this for? Activities that get people more engaged in community and legislative discussions are our focus. This is a non-partisan effort, and requests from a wide-array of civic engagement activities will be funded. Here are some examples:
    •    Talk to your elected official

    •    Testify at a legislative hearing

    •    Observe a budget committee meeting

    •    Attend civic activism training

    •    Attend a school board or PTA meeting

    •    Go to your neighborhood association meeting

    •    Work on an advisory board or committee

How does someone use the service? Go to the website! Poltisit.org
    1.    Fill out this application form to get involved in the program.

    2.    After being accepted into the program, fill out this event request form with event information at least 72 hours before the event.

    3.    Set up time with the babysitter of your choice.

    4.    Attend the event.

    5.    After the event, send documentation of event attendance and Politisit will send money to reimburse childcare costs via Paypal or check.

Politisit will also work with clients who do not have internet access or a bank account.

Interested in more information? Go to our website at www.Politisit.org or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PolitisitUSA/. Send an email to Info@Politisit.org.