Fiscal Services for Neighborhood Associations

Statutory Reporting

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. files statutory reports and pays associated fees on behalf of each member neighborhood association. This includes annual IRS Form 990 and Oregon registration and reporting.

Secretary of State

Neighborhood associations are nonprofit public benefit corporations registered with the State of Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division. SWNI staff prepare and file the required annual report with the Secretary of State's office on the anniversary of the filing of each member neighborhood association's Articles of Incorporation to maintain their legal status.

Department of Justice

Public benefit nonprofits must register with the Charitable Activities Section of the Oregon Department of Justice and file an annual report. SWNI staff prepare and file Form CT-12 annually on behalf of each member neighborhood association by the due date of May 15th for neighborhood associations with a January through December fiscal year, or November 15th for neighborhood associations with a July through June fiscal year.


SWNI maintains insurance and pays premiums on behalf of each member neighborhood association.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

This liability insurance covers directors and officers of neighborhood associations for claims made against them while serving on the board of directors and/or as an officer.

Umbrella Insurance

This insurance provides legal liability coverage for various types of injuries and property damage arising out of accidents that occur at neighborhood association sponsored events. Annually in May, neighborhood associations provide SWNI with a list of their events for the fiscal year beginning July 1, to be included in the policy coverage.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship allows neighborhood associations use of 501(c)3 tax-exempt status for donations. SWNI provides monthly balance and transaction detail reports, an online fundraising platform and assists with collection of credit card donations at events.

View the SWNI Fiscal Sponsorship Policy, including an Application (PDF, revised April 25, 2012).

Fiscal Administration

SWNI Fiscal Administration Policy (PDF, revised April 25, 2012)

Best Practices

Financial Controls Policies and Procedures for Small Nonprofit Organizations, from Cindy Cumfer's website. Download the docx version.


Fiscal Tracking Disbursement Sheet